Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Soundtrack: Don't Sweat It!

School is out at Rutgers...meaning it's time for fun! To get things going, check out the music video playlist below. Each of the videos feature awesome music and daring clothing. Some songs you might already know, while others could be unexpected gems.

1. Julian Casablancas, "11th Dimension"

Casablancas, front man of NYC-based band The Strokes, released his solo album Phrazes for the Young in late 2009. "11th Dimension," the album's lead single, features a video with Blade Runner-cum-Purple Rain clothing.

2. Róisín Murphy, "You Know Me Better"

Murphy’s penchant for crazy accessories—big hats, loud jewelry—is on full display in this video. Though she is not well-known in the US, Murphy has achieved immense success in the UK. Her cover of “Slave to Love” was recently featured in the Gucci ad campaign with James Franco.

3. Yelle, "Ce Jeu"

French group Yelle, including its namesake (born Julie Budet), GrandMarnier, and Tepr, shows its love for the color wheel and spunkiness in this video. Despite never recording songs in languages other than French, Yelle has developed a cult following.

4. Hell featuring Bryan Ferry, "U Can Dance"

Hell (born Helmut Geier) and "electric lounge lizard" Bryan Ferry team up for a black-and-white video that unabashedly glamorizes and captures fashion models. The women's haughty poses and outfits complement the song's VIP-booth feel.

5. Ladytron, "Runaway"

British group Ladytron (Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, Mira Aroyo, and Reuben Wu) don the zaniest black-and-white suits in this clip. Heavy makeup worn by Marnie and Aroyo add visual interest, too.

What do you think of this playlist? What other fashion-related songs do you like? Let us know!



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