Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Students Speak: Jenna Stern

Heading home with tons of laundry to do? SAS sophomore Jenna Stern how you can stay cute and stylish as the semester winds down. She also gives Scarlet Style a peek into her closet and reveals her shoe collection.


Anonymous said...

Your entire blog is filled with students at rutgers who dont know much about fashion & who just throw together awkward outfits. Just because theyre "different" doesnt make them fashionable. You seem intimidated to go out and interview the guys and girls out on this campus who have a real sense of fashion.

Anonymous said...

agreeed muh fugga

Diwant Vaidya said...

Nah, fashion is wearing something that makes people look again. Lady Gaga is fashion because her outfits are REALLY awkward. Fashion can also be a very ordinary but well put together outfit.

Gj on the video interview

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