Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Collegiate Cool--Frelinghuysen, College Ave

Mackenzie Kimmel
Pants--J.Crew, Scarf--Canal Street, Jacket--See by Chloe, Shoes--Apostrophe, Bag--Coach, Shirt--Boy's Department

Mackenzie's outfit is a refreshing take on how to pull off a menswear-inspired look. The masculinity of the shirt and blazer paired with the softness of the green velvet shoes creates a perfect balance, and shows how menswear can be worn and still look feminine.



Isha said...

I really like her look! And the shoes - very pretty. I want. Ask her how much and where Apostrophe's located :)

Zoe said...

The shoes, jacket, shirt and bag all come from a store in Hamilton, NJ, called "Red, White and Blue." All of these items were under 20 dollars each!

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