Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pop of Color- Inside Dining Hall, Busch

Gabriel Marques
Jacket-- Urban Outfitters Anderson D collection, Shoes--Aviat Mavericks, Jeans--510 Levis, Vest-- H&M, Shirt--Urban Outfitters

In a classic all black ensemble, Gabriel's addition of a plaid turquoise shirt and a matching tie gives his look a unique edge while still keeping it sophisticated and sleek. His outfit also shows the importance of fitted clothing and how it has the ability to transform a look.



theMayflower said...

one of the best guy ensembles out there.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. And kudos to the photographer. *cough*

Anonymous said...

Loving this look. And the guy isn't bad either ;)

Anonymous said...

Agree with above ^^

marissa said...

GAAABEEEe lmao i love you . this is amazing!

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