Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Fever

Once every four years, the world comes together to celebrate unity and promote peace. The 2010 Fifa World Cup, being held for the first time in the African continent, is undoubtedly the world's biggest and most important tournament, where people from all over gather to watch football(soccer) and cheer on their favorite national team. Although winning seems to be every participants dream, experiencing everyone from all different backgrounds and countries unite together is equally as, if not more, rewarding.

There is just more than a week left to go until the solid gold trophy is passed down to the new champions. So, if you haven't shown your world cup spirit already, Scarlet Style has provided you with fan outfits for the top 8 teams. These outfits are designed for those who do not have a coveted team jersey, yet still want to show their enthusiasm and support for their country while still looking fashionable and chic. And don't worry, none of the items in these outfits are over $50, so they are very affordable for a college student!

Even if you are not a soccer fan, watching the World Cup can give you knowledge about other cultures (vuvuzelas anyone?) and make you feel more connected to people from all around the world. We hope you feel inspired by these outfits, and become even more excited about the upcoming Quarterfinals-- we certainly are!

All these images are made through polyvore

Ghana Fan

Uruguay Fan

Netherlands Fan

Brazil Fan

Argentina football fan

Germany Fan

Paraguay fan

Spain Fan

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Pranav said...

Its Argentina all the way...!!!

Diwant Vaidya said...

I'll do Deutschland because I have a red, white, black combo and I can yell in Deutsch.

Karrie said...

The Paraguay outfit is so adorable! If I saw a guy in that, I'd take him home immediately haha ;)

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