Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad World: The Return of Mad Men

Hit AMC drama series Mad Men returned this week to television for its fourth season. The show depicts the often sordid personal and professional lives of members of the fictitious Sterling Cooper ad agency during the 1960s. Critically acclaimed for its plot lines and acting, Mad Men is also notable for its art direction. Costume designer Janie Bryant has made a name for herself recreating classic styles of the era, seen below.

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Roger Sterling and Don Draper, two of the show's main characters, are seen above having yet another infamous "liquid lunch" on the job. Roger and Don still retain a gentlemanly air, however, by wearing sharp, tailored flannel suits: both understand that close-cut menswear can make any man look like Gregory Peck. Male Rutgers students, take note!

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The Mad Women are also noted for their chic garments. Peggy Olson (far left) sports modest shirtdresses and skirt suits with kitten heels--she wants to be taken seriously as an advertising copy writer. Betty Draper (center), Don's wife, is often compared to Grace Kelly by other characters--it's hard to ignore her stunning face, tasteful sleeveless dresses, and perfectly coiffed blonde hair as she deals with housewife ennui. Bombshell secretary Joan Holloway (far right) stands out at the office in jewel-tone dresses, extremely high heels, and her signature pen necklace.

Drooling yet? If you want to see more, you can watch Mad Men episodes here.



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