Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Flashback: Twin Peaks Turns 20

Twin Peaks, one of the most daring television shows ever aired, is having its twentieth anniversary this month. When it first premiered in 1990, viewers tuned in weekly for the show's combination of surreal visuals, soap-opera antics, and memorable, quirky characters. Audrey Horne, played by Sherilyn Fenn, was one of the most popular among fans. Audrey was a poor little rich girl, with a touch of Lolita thrown in. Ignored by her father, a business tycoon, she longed for a life of excitement and danger. To compensate, Audrey constantly flirted with FBI Agent Dale Cooper, who came to Twin Peaks to investigate its various mysteries.

Audrey always dressed to kill--her typical outfit was the sexpot version of that worn by a 1950s schoolgirl. She never left home without an eye-catching sweater and a knee-length, fitted skirt. The tree-print sweater, seen above, is a perfect fit for Audrey--not only does it suit her fair complexion and dark hair, but it alludes to the creepiness within the town of Twin Peaks itself!

Audrey's hair and makeup were never less than perfect, either. Her dark waves were always styled just right. She also was rarely seen without red lipstick and a beauty mark near her left eye. And who can forget her Elizabeth Taylor-like eyebrows! During her time in Twin Peaks, Audrey set many hearts aflame. With her timelessness, she still serves as an inspiration for many, including Scarlet Style! You can see Audrey in action in the video below, and full Twin Peaks episodes (save for the two-hour pilot) here.



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