Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green With Envy--CSB, Downtown New Brunswick

Matt Posey
Shirt--Thrifted, Jeans--Buffalo Exchange, Shoes--Puma

Matt, a Video Arts graduate student, is busy making conceptual short works and teaching undergrads. He simply doesn't have time for riff raff! His military-inspired shirt, with its sleek shape yet defined shoulders, lets everyone know who's running the (fashion) show.


Anonymous said...

Not to dis this dudes style its nice, but seriously "scarlet style" needs to step it up there are so many unique and fashionable people walking around campus how come you never find them!

Scarlet Style said...

Is there anyone you would like us to feature?

Our goal is to find the style of Rutgers, and take pictures of people who we think rock their look with confidence. Although Matt's outfit here isn't anything so "out there", the fit of his clothes and the functionality of them(for his job) is the reason why we featured him!

We appreciate your input, and will try to capture looks that hopefully you'll like!

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is extra sexy

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above ;)

Matthew said...

I think this guy is extra sexy too.

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