Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion for Free: The Spring 2010 H & M Magazine

Being poor college students, both Z and M appreciate when something stylish also happens to be free of charge. One such recent discovery is the Spring 2010 H & M Magazine. Z, tired from scouring the racks at her local H & M, was thrilled to eyeball the magazine and hear the salesgirl drone, "Yes, it's free..."

This season's issue features the of-the-moment supermodel Erin Wasson on the cover. Inside the magazine, she is featured in a fashion shoot entitled "Perfect Match," detailing a variety of white t-shirt and denim combinations. Basics, it seems, never go out of style!

Famed and controversial photographer Terry Richardson has also captured model Natasa V roaming the streets in "New York City Girl." The photos are carefree and fun, as Natasa wears a variety of H & M's spring clothing--gold parachute pants, striped tops, and the like.

Arguably the most interesting article in the magazine is Agnes Braunerhielm's "In the Front Row," covering the who, what, and wear of the craziness known as New York Fashion Week. Sideboxes next to her article include "How to Get a Foot in the Door of the Fashion Business" and "The A-List."

For all the juicy tidbits and pictures, head over to your local H & M, and grab a copy!



Anonymous said...

love the parachute pants! They may not work on everyone, but they deff work on the model.

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